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Mentorships are a core component of Youth Design's methodology and give our students access to professional designers and hands-on training in fields ranging from architecture and graphic arts to digital media and fashion. Change is realized through Youth Design’s engagement of world-class design professionals who share their skills and perspectives through sustained one-on-one mentoring relationships with Youth Designers throughout their two-year program experience.


These mentoring relationships and experiences provide Youth Designers with life-changing opportunities to build crucial job skills, contribute their perspectives in an authentic work environment, put themselves on the path to college, and transform their love of art and design into a career—with a professional design mentor in their corner. Youth Design programming pairs each Youth Designer with a designer-mentor in a professional work environment as well as with a series of project-based and mentor-led experiences.

These combined experiences result in life-changing opportunities that build critical job skills, help students translate their love of art and design while gaining perspective of a professional work environment, and support the student’s pursuit of a college education.

We work closely with Mass Mentoring to deepen the quality of these mentoring relationships—for both our students and the professional designers who mentor them. Orientation workshops for both students and mentors—with ongoing training and support for our mentors—is critical to delivering a meaningful and positive mentoring experience for all of our Youth Designers.

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