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Sixth Week Recap by Dahrell Rush

August 28 2013

Mentoring Firm


My name is Dahrell Rush and I am a Youth Designer currently working at Digitas. In the previous summer I spent with Youth Design I worked at Continuum. I learned a lot about how a professional design firm can help different companies in all areas of their business. Working at Digitas has been a familiar experience, and I have been glad to learn so much more seeing these very similar but very different design environments.

Youth Design had taken a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, or the MFA for short. We split up into two groups to see different exhibits and work in the MFA. There were exhibits based on a huge range of time periods all throughout history, we got to see European portraits from the 16th century, and some interesting jewelry/ pottery from ancient civilizations from before the common era. The museum also offered an exhibition that had shown early American artwork as well.

While at the MFA, we had the chance to see a collection of architectural design work by American artist. In that collection were also past artist personal sketches/ works and watercolor paintings that were spectacular to see! Overall I am really glad to have had the chance to see and enjoy that work alongside my fellow Youth Designers.

- Dahrell
Youth Design, Class of 2013

Fifth Week Recap by Patrick Lilley

August 19 2013

Mentoring Firm

Joss & Main

I can still remember the day when I joined Youth Design and also when I started my internship at Blue Cross Blue Shield. It was an amazing year full of learning and new experiences. This is my second year as a Youth Designer and I am working at Joss & Main. Comparing this new work place to where I was placed last year, there is a huge difference between the two. From the office space, computers, people, and the overall experience, this year to me is truly the better one.

My mentor Dan has been great. He has helped me find what I like the most out of designing. Each day when I walk into the office, I am prepared to learn something new about Photoshop or InDesign. Everyday I am ready to get some hard work done. The firm that I am in is wonderful and is a place I would love to work in. No scary cubicles like in the movies, the space is open full of great and funny people who get their work done. Just as I predicted on orientation day, this year is going to be fun.

Todays workshop was an Art and Design college panel. We got to hear from three wonderful college Admissions from MassArt, AIB (Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University) , and BAC (Boston Architectural College). They all came by and showed us what their design colleges require to get in. This workshop was very beneficial for me because I lacked the knowledge of what it takes to get into design colleges. Now I have an understanding on which design college I would like to go to and about design colleges in general.

With one more workshop approaching, the only thing I can do is look forward to it. Each Thursday Morning Session was exciting in its own way, and I cant wait for the next one.

- Pat
Youth Design, Class of 2013

Fourth Week Recap by Ivanna Lin

August 09 2013

Mentoring Firm

Duffy Design Group

Hello! I am Ivanna Lin and I am currently working for an interior design firm in South Boston called Duffy Design Group. Last summer I worked for an industrial design firm called Essential. It was my first internship and my first exposure to the field of design. It was a whole new experience for me. I didn’t quite know what to expect and was questioning my ability to perform at a professional setting. Coming back as a second-year Youth Designer, I am much more confident as a design intern. I have taken everything I’ve learned from last summer, which include work ethic and design skills, and applied it to my current job. This summer is going great so far!

For our most recent Thursday Morning Session, we visited the ICA (The Institute of Contemporary Art). That place is beautiful, the ICA is probably my favorite museum in Boston. I have been there many times now, yet every visit is a unique experience. In my opinion, one of the most memorable and marvelous exhibits in the museum right now is Barry McGee’s. His works is incredible. They are an amalgam of illustration and graffiti, which make them fun, creative and fresh. I know I wasn’t the only Youth Designer who was amazed by his work.

Beside our ICA tour, we also got the chance to hear from Nikki Korn and Mark Feldman, regarding the Youth Design Take Action Competition. In groups, we sat and discussed our topics for the competition. We received valuable guidance and suggestions to help us further our projects. In addition, towards the end of the session we all sat down to meet with Denise and talked about our summer thus far. It was great to hear from other Youth Designers and learn about their experiences. I’ve always been curious about what other Youth Designers do at work and now I know! It is good to learn that we all have a complete unique and different experience at work. I think that is what makes the Youth Design program so incredible.

Time truly goes by fast. I can’t believe a month has already passed. I am excited to make the fullest out of the rest of my summer. And I look forward to the next Thursday Morning Session!

- Ivanna
Youth Design, Class of 2013

Second Week Recap by Shirley Fang

July 30 2013

Mentoring Firm


Last summer, I worked for a product and industrial design firm, IDEO, where I built wonderful connections with talented designers. For this summer, I am working for an architectural and interior design firm, called Gensler. This is a whole new experience for me, since I wasn’t exposed to this field of design. Within a week, I was able to learn more about architecture and interior design by attending a lecture. The lecture was about architecture and wood lead by one of the architects at Gensler.

I also went to a presentation at MIT for the new building for PNC at Pittsburg. I met part of the collaborative group for this project and was amazed by their meticulous design and concept.The PNC building will be one of the greenest buildings in the world. The presentation helped me get a better grasp of the process in designing a building, first pinpointing the desired goals and “pillars” of the client and then working out the best options for those goals. I am learning a great deal within the time that I am here at Gensler and again have another chance to make more lasting connections and friendships.

Youth Design’s Pre-College Fashion Branding Workshop II
Todays workshop involved critiquing mood boards, defining brands, and branding one’s own fashion line. We started off the morning with intense analysis of each group’s fashion mood board that represented one of the three scenarios given to us. After these discussions, we went over the different types of brands that are used in the real world such as Nike ( a cultural reference) and Gucci ( the last name of the designer).

Once we had a clear idea about branding, we moved back into our groups and did a 10 minute brainstorm of words that represent their brand well. Afterwords, we shared our top 3 choices as a group. All the groups were really creative and used what they learned from the presentation to find an extraordinary brand name. Some that stood out to me were Modafri, Rmour, and Blak. Overall, today’s design activities helped us all to practice our presentation skills and obtain more experience on expressing our ideas verbally and coherently.

- Shirley
Youth Design, Class of 2013

First Week Recap by Jeffrey Dubuisson

July 22 2013

Mentoring Firm

I can’t believe it’s already a year since I first joined Youth Design and went to my first day of work, at McMahon Architects. Now I am returning to Youth Design this summer and working at Allen & Gerritsen (A&G). In my first week I had the great pleasure of learning that this: “&” is an ampersand, a very big part of A&G’s logo. Everyone in the office has been very welcoming and helpful. This year I am working in a bigger firm than before, so I was nervous about going around and meeting everyone. I think that with A&G it is a large family community, from after work runs, to softball games and zumba classes. It has been a world I am adapting to and loving each and every day more.
My mentors, Tyson and Meg have both been wonderful. I look forward to working with them a lot just because they are both so insightful. Tyson and I spent the first week time working together and also learning about each other. He started putting me to work right away with InDesign as well as Photoshop. So after Week 1, I’m looking forward to progressing through the summer but also dreading the last week of working at A&G.

The first Thursday morning workshop of the summer!
We got to enjoy a wonderfully prepared workshop by Alisa Aronson, led by Bruce Ployer. I think it is going to be very great to follow up next week with our own brands. Bruce brought us through a powerpoint, expressing to us the importance of brand. Something I am sure that everyone was able to take something from.

After the powerpoint, we we’re all divided into teams and given a variety of creative briefs so we could test our own hand at creating a brand for a client. Once we had selected a client, we were sent off to the computer lab to begin heavy research on our clients desires. We then took our research and compiled it into mood boards. From this workshop, we all were able to see the process and practice crafting a strategy. From this workshop, we walked away knowing how hard designers work to come up with concepts for clients. Knowledge that we can now further use at our internships this summer.

- Jeffrey
Youth Design, Class of 2013

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